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Turbo mufler delete
FMMD7 Turbo mufler delete

FMMD7 is Forge Motorsport turbo muffler delete kit for the Hyundai I20N. This kit replaces the original restrictive compressor outlet with a smooth and turbulence free solution. The OEM part is located on the outlet of the turbo compressor and its only function is to eliminate as much of the engines acoustics as possible. Where it does a good job of quietening down the audible sounds from the turbo it also disrupts the airflow in an area where it’s not needed. 

With Forge Motorsports expertise in this area, they have developed a kit which has removed this baffled chamber in favour with a CNC machined billet adaptor which now creates a smooth transition and uninterrupted air flow track to the intercooler, this aids to increase airflow to the engine adding extra performance especially on tuned vehicles. 

A new hose design has been made with an increased internal volume and a construction of fluorosilicone internal and iron oxide external which is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and pressures. All of these improvements have now created an improved throttle response and an improved ambience due to the increased turbo acoustics.  


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