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2 piece Tarox brake disks
S2-2818 2 piece Tarox brake disks

These discs are part of special ΤΑΡΟΧ 'Bespoke' range which  have compiled to provide a performance solution for vehicles for which parts aren't easily obtainable. Vehicles such as high performance cars whose drivers seek higher levels of performance from their brake setup. All discs in the 'Bespoke' range are individually CNC machined from a solid piece of steel billet - they are never made in a cast. Once the billet has been machined to the required size it is heat treated and then cooled to unify the structure of the steel and improve strength and durability. This keeps the disc more stable at extreme temperatures. Characteristics such as warping, cracking, fade and knock off are all massively reduced. The longevity of the disc and pad are both extended dramatically. The toughened disc is then grooved and/or drilled as required and finally finished by hand. Each disc is manually ground to a tolerance approaching 0.015mm creating a perfectly level surface to ensure that the discs will run true. The bell is made to a CNC machined alloy which has been hard anodized for protection from the elements.

Dimensions 390x36mm

Fits RS6 C7 - RS7 

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Code: S2-2818
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