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Rear Arm Bush Caster Adjustable
PFF44-202G Rear Arm Bush Caster Adjustable

This part provides +/- 0.33 degrees of on-car caster adjustment combined with an additional 6mm anti-lift offset. This bush is designed for use on standard travel suspension. Suitable for Road and Black Series applications.

Anti-lift – refers to the amount of built-in anti-lift built into the front suspension of front/all-wheel-drive cars (relies on drive torque). The more anti-lift there is, the less the front will lift during acceleration, at a cost to traction and comfort. Generally, reducing the amount of Anti-lift geometry improves traction across the front axle, and therefore reduces understeer so often found on most road cars.

OEM Part Number: MR519675


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Code: PFF44-202G
Manufacturer: POWERFLEX UK
Eshop Price 247.13 €

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