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45o Elbow
E4557F 45o Elbow

57mm 45ο Elbow  -  blue color.

Technical Details

  • All elbows have equal leg lengths of 63mm up to 12mm diameter, 100mm from 13mm diameter up to 57mm, and 125mm from 60mm diameter up to 102mm diameter.
  • From 6mm diameter up to 48mm diameter are of 3 ply construction, and a wall thickness of 3.5mm.
  • From 49mm diameter up to 83mm diameter are of 4 ply construction, and a wall thickness of 5mm.
  • From 84mm diameter up to 102mm diameter are 5 ply construction, and a wall thickness of 6mm.
  • Burst pressures are rated at 4:1 of safe working load. Separate test sheet results available.
  • All silicone products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality system. Certificate No.07103Q10016ROM


Code: E4557F
Eshop Price 27.00 €

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