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Oil coller kit
FMOC10 Oil coller kit

The Forge Motorsport oil cooler kit for the Fiat 500/595/695 uses a custom fabricated oil cooler with a large core dimension of 165(w) x 200(h) x 47mm(d). Although there are lots of universal oil coolers on the market, this oil cooler has been specifically designed to fit perfectly in the Fiats OEM intercoolers location, The oil cooler is manufactured at Forge Motorsport’s HQ in Gloucestershire, England by our highly skilled fabricators and carries a lifetime warranty*.

Sitting in full air flow and mounted correctly with the oil flowing into the top of the oil cooler and exiting though the lower outlet, this avoids any chance of cavitation occurring within the oil cooler. Forge Motorsport have designed a CNC machined billet adaptor that replaces the oil to water cooling block. Although it still allows coolant to circulate, it more importantly offers two AN-10 take offs which allow fitment of the supplied oil cooler lines between the cooler itself and the Fiats engine oil galleries. In turn, this means oil temperatures can be significantly reduced resulting in an engine that can be worked harder for longer. The whole oil cooler unit has been designed to use the OEM intercoolers ducting to ensure maximum airflow is achieved creating the most superior oil kit on the market that is 100% plug and play..


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