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Turbo inlet hose
FMTIA2 Turbo inlet hose

Forge leading the way in aftermarket products for the new Hyundai’s, are proud to present  the turbo inlet adaptor hose for the i30N. Mated with the 4” intake high performance filter (FMINDK28) the gain from the turbo adaptor alone was 10BHP, and, along with a gain in torque, it really transforms your driving experience. The power can be felt from just above 3000 RPM and helps keep a hard consistent pull all the way to the rev limiter. The Forge developed turbo inlet adaptor improves your i30N  airflow in several ways. Designed in a similar way to a conventional velocity stack, it routes the air more directly into your turbo charger and allows more air to be compressed due to its larger capacity. This can have a positive affect on accelerating your vehicle after long deceleration or in between gear changes due to more air being kept within the intake system. 


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