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Carbon fiber Induction kit
FMINDK40 Carbon fiber Induction kit

With the release of the VW Golf MK8 R, the development team at Forge Motorsport knew that there would be a great opportunity to help the EA888 engine breather easier and make more power. After they get one of the first MK8R’s to enter the UK and used this opportunity to put months of development and testing into this new induction kit. Forge Motorsport  MK8 Golf R project car has been put through countless hours of track day work and hill climbs, alongside the usual daily and spirited driving. This kit has been designed from the ground up, using 3D Scanning, FEA Simulation data in SolidWorks CAD, 3D printed development, and numerous dyno sessions to truly unlock the power.

During the final prototypes testing found that the Forge induction kit with stock turbo inlet produced gains on average of 5.5BHP. However, when paired with Turbo Inlet Adaptor FMTIA9 this is where the stock EA888 engine saw impressive gains, increasing power up to 16BHP at 6500RPM with a significate average power increase from 4500RPM to the 6700RPM Rev limit of 10BHP, while the drivability and the punch from extra torque increases can be felt on the road as between 4000RPM to the rev limit an average gain of 20NM is achieved. It’s worth remembering that this is with a stock ECU and no tune, so is expected to see mapped cars returning even greater yields of power.


  • Average gains of 5.5bhp
  • Gains of 16bhp at peak and average of 10bhp from 4500rpm when coupled with FMTIA9
  • Average gain of 20NM of torque
  • Prepreg 2x2 twill formed carbon fibre
  • Dyno proven
  • Great induction noise
  • More responsive throttle
  • Lifetime Warranty


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Code: FMINDK40
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  • Project car
  • FMTIA9 inlet hose fitted
  • Stock inlet hose

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